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QR Code Memorials

Honor your loved one with a unique MSG4FR Headstone QR

Create a spectacular legacy web page together with

family and friends. Don’t let your loved one’s memories vanish.

It’s Easy to build.
Secure + Yours Forever.

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The perfect way to honour their legacy.

How It Works

You create a unique Message Forever page where you, family, and friends can together add content about your loved one, such as: an obituary, family heritage, favorite memories, sayings + hobbies,  their history, videos, photos, memories by friends and relatives. 

Don’t forget to share the link on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter so others can see it.

Create a meaningful headstone QR that will honor your loved ones memories for the test of time.
MSG4FR QR Memorial Kit
Message Forever

Get Your
QR Memorial Kit

Order your kit directly from our website to start creating your memorial page

Create Your MF Memorial page

Your Memorial Page

Once your kit arrives. Start by scanning the QR Code on the card provided with your kit and use the login information to start setting up your Message Forever page.

QR Memorial Tag
Affix your Memorial

Your New MF Memorial

Once you've published and shared your Message Forever Page, Affix the QR plaque to your loved ones headstone or musileam. You can use any smart phone to view the page online.


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